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Lab Positions


The AMNR Lab has now one postdoc position available.


  • What You Will Do

This postdoc position is focused on innovative research regarding advanced nanorobots. 

A successful candidate will collaborate with a team of experience technical staff to explore  acoustic actuation technology, acoustic driven robots, 4D pringting, nano-robot manipulation inside SEM. Candidates with a background in the research area of robotics and automation, willingness to work with others, and a strong academic profile are encouraged to apply.​

  • Minimum Job Requirements

  1. publication experience in reputational journal and conference in robotics and automation field

  2. Research Independency.

  • Education:

A Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or related engineering discipline.

  • Location: ShanghaiTech University, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

For more details, please contact the PI by

Graduate Student Positions

  1. Master or Ph.D application for year of 2023 is now open.

  2. Undergraduate Students with great interests in robotics research, and strong background on automation, control theory and engineering, instrumentation and measurement, mechatronics, computer science, eletronics, etc., are highly ecouraged to apply.

  3. Two opennings available.

  4. Application is highly competitive. Applicants with good GPA from reputational universities are highly preferred.

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